Évora Resort

Évora Resort is a touristic Project, classified as PIN (National Interest Project) since October 2005. It is now in its final licensing phase.

Located 3.5 miles (6 km) from Évora, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, Évora Resort complements the city’s existing cultural and touristic offer.

In Évora Resort it will be possible to have direct contact with day-to-day farming and viniculture as well as other touristic activities. This residential tourism resort also offers a wide range of sports and outdoor activities.

Adding to the residences, the Resort will have two hotels (one premium hotel in the vineyard), golf, equestrian centre and a cultural route (dolmens, prehistoric and roman archeological sites).

The promoter, Frontino Turismo SA, started a forestation process to plant 26 thousand trees (oak trees and pine trees), as well as a 105 acre (42 hectares) of vineyard with a variety of different grape varieties. Graco wine is the first marketed brand of the Resort.